Not Just Survive, But Thrive!

By Ely Robinson

He was different ’cause of this, and she was ’cause of that. 
The others, they made fun of him. He wore a special hat. 
They never had a clue that this was part of his religion. 
They never stopped to ask him or allow for his opinion. 

She was different too because she spoke a “special” way. 
The children imitated her; made fun of her all day. 
Little did they know that this would give her so much pain. 
And then one day she stopped, and never spoke a word again. 

Another student didn’t wear the same clothes as the others. 
They were so poor, that he would wear the clothes from older brothers. 
Because his dad had cancer, he did not live happily. 
And other kids would tease him, that’s the way life seemed to be. 

And me? I, too, remember how the children bullied me. 
I was half Canadian and Mexican, you see. 
I recall the words they called me each and every day. 
I couldn’t figure out why it was odd to be this way. 

I wonder how much fun it is to be somebody’s bully. 
Can’t wrap my head around it, never understood it fully. 
I know some bullies have some insecurities inside. 
I wonder what their issue is or what they’re trying to hide. 

This kind of immaturity is very clear to see. 
I’m proud that there´s no bully living deep inside of me. 
I know that we are different. Thank God the world’s that way. 
So, I hope the bullies listen, to what I have to say…

Appreciating differences can be so marvelous. 
An effort from humanity, and that means all of us! 
Instead of making fun of different things and all of that,  
loving all our cultures is where it’s really at. 

Imagine all the people, as John Lennon liked to say. 
Loving and appreciating every single day. 
Our essence is what makes us proud and glad to be alive. 
To live this life so wonderfully…not just survive, but thrive! 


Miss Ely suggests teachers (or parents) use the previous worksheet for Middle School students.

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